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Weddings/Civil Union Ceremonies

Non-Denominational Ceremony
I create a meaningful ceremony that is both spiritual and unique. I can blend religious customs and traditions into a beautiful ceremony that will reflect your personalities and tastes. You may choose the type of ceremony you desire. I will meet with you as a couple and discuss exactly how you would like your ceremony to unfold and what specific needs and desires you would like to incorporate. I custom design your ceremony so that it blends the different facets of your backgrounds beautifully and joyfully.

Traditional/Religious Ceremony
I honor and recognize all religions, if you wish to incorporate your religious customs into your ceremony I will work with you. We can include many aspects and blessings that are in a traditionally religious wedding.

Civil Union Ceremony
Same sex couples can legally join together in “Civil Union” Ceremonies as of February 19th, 2007 in the state of New Jersey. Your civil union ceremony is created in the same manner as a wedding ceremony. I meet with you both and together we create a meaningful and beautiful ceremony that incorporates all that you desire for your special day.

Spiritual Ceremony
You may be spiritual but do not adhere to any one religion. I can help you create a spiritual ceremony that reflects your beliefs and love. I have many different rituals and blessings that you may blend into your ceremony if you choose to.

Renewal of Vows
To celebrate and honor a special time or anniversary in a marriage, you may desire to renew your vows. I work with you to create a meaningful ceremony that can include religious traditions, children and grandchildren. The renewal ceremonies that I design always leave a beautiful and joyful memory.